Paul Pritchard Landscapes

Classic Kids Courtyard

Another small rear garden in Inner Melbourne’s Clifton Hill. A space where the Basketball mad children can refine their shooting skills and the rest of the family can enjoy quiet time inside with beautiful botanic views.

Project Details

  • The small space in the rear garden was designed to offer great views from the inside of the house. Visual screening from the neighbours was important in the rear of the property. These screens where also placed so the children’s basketball couldn’t escape.
  • A small day bed was set up out the back in an area that would capture the morning sun and allow an area for a read of the newspaper and a cappuccino.
  • A post with wires running to the house was set up to allow for an Ornamental Grape Vine to block the harsh Summer sun, this deciduous climber also allows the Winter light to enter the house.
  • Timber posts extend out from behind the large Camellia japonica to block the basketball ring and rear garden shed.

Project Gallery

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